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A man walking on a beach say a bottle, picked it up, rubbed it, and poof a genie came out and said "Master I will give you two wishes." The man thought for a while and said "I wish I could be hard all the time and get all the ass I want." The genie said "Your wish is muy command." and poof the man turned into a toilet.
There once was a couple named Blair Who liked to fuck on the stair When the bannister broke, He quickened his stroke And finished her off in the air
Did you hear the one about the man with five dicks? His pants fit like a glove.
Did you hear about the leper who was a gigalo? His buiness was doing rather well until it fell apart.
60th: sex, drugs and rock`n`roll 90th: porn, vodka and chanson trolling food and spam
Do you speak English ? Yes sir! Name? Abdul Al-Rhazib Age? 32 Sex? Three to five times a week, sir No, no… I meant female or male? Yes, yes... male, female, sometimes a camel Holy, cow! Yes, yes... also cow, sheep, animals in general But, but... isn´t that hostile? Yes, yes... horse style, doggy style, free style, any style! Oh dear! No, no... deer run too fast…
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