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Jetzt online 81 Anzeigen von Frauen für jeden Geschmack! twitter

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If you want to make the announcement then:


1. Write a short message with the code RIM
2. Send it to number 157 (LMT, Amigo, TELE2, Bite)
3. We'll send you an authorization code (which is valid as long as long as you enter all information correctly)
4. Fill out this form (form must be completed in all areas, except for e-mail), and add at least one photo
5. Enter the authorization code, press the button to send your ad will be automatically published.
    Celebrity photos will be deleted without notice.

To prolong the announcement send an SMS with the text RIM uz 157 (LMT, Amigo, TELE2, Bite) log in to your form, enter the authorization code and press "Semd".

Sms price 1.40 EUR announcement following the publication will be visible for 10 days.

Printing digital photo, more information email:
If you for some reason fail to place or extend announcement please report it to the e-mail:

Order your code by paying with card using PayPal - IT'S CHEAPER!

Total price: 1.20 6.00 12.00

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